Whi Engineering Students Should Start A Blog In College Life

Complete guide which explains why students should blog in their college life.


Engineering is the field of sharp and creative people, whenever we visit an engineering college we have a lot of things to make ourself wondered.
So why not to move a creative mind towards beneficial activities?
This ultimate guide will explain the benefits of blogging and makes you clear that why should you blog in college life.

being an engineering student, if you have passion about exploring your field and you discover a lot of new ideas then blogging is a biggest channel to make your fans by telling your capabilities to the world!

The reasons are not ending here because it’s only introduction, the actual things are menssioned below which make this concept clear that why you should blog in college life.

So why you prefer engineering?

As engineering is not a subject for average minded students, it requires a great academic history and a mind who can bear pressures, difficulties and courage to move after failures.

This level of complications shows that there are only two reasons which convinced you towards engineering.

  1. You have a passionate heart and you prefer to study in engineering college for your own satisfaction.
  2. Because you are good in studies so your parents forced you to choose engineering as your profession.

Alright whatever your history, only one thing is common that you are ready to face every hard challenge.

So Blogging requires the same as your engineering subject.

Why Should you blog in college life?

As you are already accepting engineering challenges, so what if you could make some extra money from your online work.

What’s wrong in that if you spend your time in making your future secure instead of wasting your time on benches, cafes and canteens.

I don’t suggest you to quit said activities but you can specify a fix time for blogging, studies, outings and entertainments.

Blogging in college life can makes you able to pay your café bills from your online work, you can spend more money on your life activities and you can easily afford a first class hostel, food, entertainment and much more.

There are many blogs by college students which got success along with their degree completion and now they are making money from their own business instead of getting an employment on a small company.

If you recently joined an engineering college and you are going to spend a period of 4 years, then you can set-up your own business in these 4 years of college life.

Suppose you write 10 posts in a single month then you can easily write 120 posts/year.

Now do some calculation! 10*12*4=480.

So you wrote 480 blog posts in your college life and none of your other activities got disturbed!

Now if you are implementing Google Adsense program on your blog then how much money you are going to make in next 4 years?

Suppose you make $10/day and at the end of each month you receive 300 dollars just from your online work.

Again do some math calculations! 10*30*12*4=$14,400.

So your online work is promising you to make nearly 15,000 dollars in next 4 years.

Don’t you think that $300/month is enough to pay your college bills? if yes, then why not to invest some time in blogging!

What you need to build a blog in college

You don’t need much money or difficult tasks to start a blog in college.

All is you need to convince yourself for an engagement with your blog, maximum 50 dollars money  and an hour on daily basis.

If you are confused about the blog topic then you can choose a topic according to your studies.

On the other hand, you can teach about technology, games or photography.

If your subject is related to Mechanical engineering then you can share your experiences about the same.

Otherwise my guide will help you to find another good niche for your blog

I would recommend you to choose WordPress as your blogging platform because it does not much cost to start a blog with WordPress.

You can use some free wordpress themes or a premium theme is also available on a cheap rate.

Have you any other confusion? ask me in comments below.


  1. Hey Really Loved Your Blog and Content !
    But i want to ask that Can’t school students open a blog ! I think they can also do !
    By The Way Loved You Blog ! Thanks Again for sharing


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