The Importance of Bing in SEO


Like all the other search engines including Google, bing is a biggest search engine you should not forget while optimizing your website or blog forr SEO. This article is going to explain the importance of Bing in SEO.

When we say SEO for a website, we only think about optimizing our site for Google

Here is the deal, Bing, and Yahoo together dominate 33.6 percent of the desktop search engine market share in the U.S

I mean that’s remarkable

According to recent studies, Bing and Yahoo almost accounts for 80 percent of all searches related to education, automotive, and telecommunications and what’s even funny is that (maybe not funny)

Reasons To Optimize Your Site For Bing SEO

There are many reasons to submit your website on bing which are going to be explained below.

Bing traffic converts better than Google Traffic

According to Matthew Woodward, Bing traffic had higher quality than Google

They Visit more page, which ultimately reduces the Bounce rate, Subscribe to the newsletter and also the best part “click more affiliate links”

Competition Is Lower

Seriously, Out of you reading this article, I bet more than half of you haven’t even thought of ranking in Bing. All they think about is how to rank in Google?

Now that we know Bing Traffic is valuable and leads to more conversion but the irony is that there is not much competition here

I noticed that only a very few people are doing SEO for Bing but it’s important to consider bing in seo because it could be a biggest hole you are leaving in your blog’s optimization

All marketers go after Google, So, Bing has much lower competition as compared to Google

Considering the fact that Yahoo search is powered by Bing, meaning that at least 51% of Yahoo’s searches are relying on Bing’s index and ranking algorithm.

You must realize that Bing is only second in line after Google

I once heard a funny saying ( maybe funny in a serious way) from Jonathan Long Founder of Market Domination Media

“Stop treating the Yahoo Bing Network like the red-headed stepchild”.

So, It’s important to know what you are missing out here

Voice Search

Bing Currently Powers Yahoo and the Majority of Voice Search

We have already learned that Yahoo search is powered by Bing so since Yahoo is backed by Bing’s index and ranking algorithm. If you are optimizing it for Yahoo, so does for Bing Too and vice-versa

Fun Fact# Did you know that Siri Voice Search is also Powered by Bing too?

Bing ranking factors are more Public

As we all know that, Google doesn’t disclose the exact number and the ranking factors of a page

But with Bing, that is not the case anymore

Bing is more open about their Ranking Factors compared to Google

Here are a few factors Bing takes into account in ranking a page

  • Keywords in the domain
  • Short URLs
  • Bing also likes TLD extensions (especially .gov, .edu, and .org)
  • Link diversity matters more than on Google
  • Using an exact anchor text tend to rank higher on Bing – especially when your anchor text matches the page title
  • According to Search Engine Journal, Bing tends to favor sites with a lot of content
  • Older domains tend to do better on Bing
  • The quality of your backlinks matters more than quantity
  • Social Signal

Neil Patel share some of the basic SEO for Bing

Bing Advertising is Cheaper

Thanks to the lower competition in Bing, the advertisement rate is also cheaper

Especially if you are low on budget, Bing is a much better choice

Bing also has better device targeting options

And since Bing’s market share is growing, especially in the U.S, Bing Ads help you reach 33 percent of US customers

Bing has better social extensions

With Bing, you can also add extensions to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram business pages. However, Google Adwords has only Google Plus Extensions

Since its cheap and delivers higher click-through rates (CTR) with a lower cost per click (CPC); this normally gives better ROI.

Bing Provides A Number of Free Analysis Tools

Microsoft provides a number of very helpful tools & guidelines in regards to SEO for Bing.

Here Are Some Tools To Help You To Optimize Your Site Better

Bing has provided you with the right tools to help you optimize your site for better results

Make use of them

Bing Prefers Older Websites

If your website is old, I mean not super aged but maybe around in a range of 2-5 years

Chances are Bing might favor you more than the newer websites

This is one major difference between Google and Bing

Bing looks at site authority when checking backlinks or websites and sites which have build a trustworthy name in their niche

Social Signals

Google has denied that Social Signals play a special role in ranking a page even though many have claimed to it

However, on the other hand, Social Signals is a direct ranking factor in Bing which they are very open about it and even announced it officially about it.

Bing tends to put more emphasis on social media signals compared to Google

The more social signals you get, the higher you’ll climb in SERPs.

But Bing too is against fake social media followers and engagement

So, if you are not necessarily in a competitive niche, chances are you can rank on Bing with only social signals alone

Backlinks Are Less Important

Don’t Relief yet thinking I can rank in Bing Today

By saying this, it doesn’t mean they are completely useless

Like Google, Backlinks also plays a role in the ranking of a page in Bing but it doesn’t necessarily depend only on Backlinks and they are less important in Bing then they are in Google.

If you compare the top ranking page in search results between Bing & Google you will notice that the top ranking sites in Bing have noticeably fewer backlinks than Google

Bing gives more authority if the backlinks are coming from a relevant, trustworthy website and are do-follow with the exact anchor text

52 to 53% of the backlinks of websites that are ranking ranked among the top 30 in Bing results contain keywords in the anchor text

Bing Image Search is Better

When it comes to image Search, Bing beats Google

They offer sharper and higher quality images on the results page.

Since then Google has since caught onto this ingenious function, however, Bing does still maintain the advantage when it comes to filters.

You can also search for different image layouts – tall, wide or square.

It offers a huge opportunity for brands or websites to rank based on their images.

Optimize your Image SEO


After reading all about the importance of bing in SEO, You should not think Bing only as a younger Brother, It is just in line next and the 2nd Biggest ruler in www

Don’t focus only on google you should also focus on Bing to drive more traffic to your website.

However, SEO for Bing is not that different from Google, just a little tweak and you should be fine

They both adore quality content which is no brainer

Have you optimized your site with Bing SEO? If not, Why Not?

If so, then Let us know in the comment section below.


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