How To Write Best Site Tagline For SEO


if you ever use wordpress as your content management system, you may have already know what is site tagline, but today we will be discussing that what is the best site tagline for SEO?

wordpress displays site tagline on the very next to the title of your home page, it genrally show the purpose or topic of your blog.

by default wordpress put “just another wordpress site” as your site tagline, but you should replace it to your own tagline.

some people never bother to change this important thing, and they lose their site seo in no time.

Importance of Tagline

website tagline is important because it appears at the very first point of your blog.

whenever someone will find your website on search engines, they will see your site title and tagline.
if you will have a capturing title and tagline, then people will click to your site for further information.

but if you don’t have written a good title and website tagline for your blog, people would not like to open because if you have a worst title then who knows what you will be teaching in the main content of your page?

therefore it’s important to write a good tagline for your site if you really want to convince your visitors to open your website.

there are many bloggers who don’t have changed the tagline for their site and wordpress is displaying the default text.

make sure you don’t belong to that type of people by writing a best site tagline for your blog.

How to change wordpress site tagline?

during the installation of wordpress you will have an option to change your website title and tagline, but if you want to change your site tagline after the installation, do the following:

  • login to your wordpress dashboard
  • navigate to the settings tab and click “Genral”
  • look for site tagline and change the text whatever you want
  • click save button

that’s all, you have successfully changed it.

Which is the best tagline for SEO

if you want to write a seo friendly tagline, then you should consider your blog topics here.

take a deep breath and think on which topic you are going to write on your blog?

is your main topic is blogging? wordpress? SEO? Movies? whatever is your topic you know better, but I would recommend you to write some of your main keywords in site tagline.

by writing them on the site tagline, you are trying to show that keywords with your site title.

now whenever people will come to your site, they will understand the niche of your blog in first impression.

if you have planned to write your keywords in tagline, then don’t be a spammer.

please choose your keywords wisely and write only 2 or 3 keywords which can naturally describe about the niche of your blog.

have you any other recommendations to write best site tagline? let me know in comments.


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