10 Ways to Beet your Blog Competitors

How to bring your competitors down and improve your chances to rank higher


Unlike 10 years ago, it’s difficult to beet blog competitors with an easy button, in order to achieve your success, you have to work extremely hard because in every 24 hours, 2 milion blog posts are being written.
It does not mean that there is no chance for a new blogger to rank well but it seems you have to follow proper techniques to make your blog post forceful for search engines.

If you are following proper techniques to promote your contents and still receiving a short amount of visitors, then my blog post will help you to increase visitors by increasing your search rankings.

Remember! don’t forget to remove the things that can become a cause of google penalty because once your seo rankings dropped, you have to work hard to recover it’s ranking.

These days, when everyone relies on google to run their blogs and websites, you cannot afford it’s penalty, therefore it’s better to care before you lose.

10 Techniques to beet blog competitors

by following these techniques on your blog, you will soon observe a positive change in your daily visitors and pageviews as well.

Track competitors.

In order to know the current status of your competitors, you have to track them with different tools.
Without knowing their position, you won’t be able to work according to requirements.

There are many free seo tools which can provide you a quick analysis of any blog, make sure you analyse your competitor’s blogs to fix all your weaknesses.

Write long posts.

That time has gone when 100 words were enough to deliver a blog post.

It’s time to write detailed and comprehensive articles if you want to rank on the top of google search.

Before you start writing, make a post outline and then try to cover the topic from top to bottom with proper structure.

Try to write 1000 words for each article and if it’s impossible for you, then you have to write 300 to 400 words at any cost.

You cannot expect that a blog post of 200 words will rank on the first page of search engines, if it ranks, don’t be over confident, soon it will rank nowhere when your competitors will write a long post on same topis.

Deliver original expression.

Always use regular language while writing your blog posts.

In blogging, you don’t need to use High quality English, make sure that there are no mistakes but using high quality words is not necessary.

If you will write your blog posts in regular English, then it will be understandable for every type of people, if you will use high quality English, your readers will face difficulty and they will look for another blog who teach this topic in a light language.

Remember, your content quality matters but English quality should be ordinary.

You can read more about writing attractive blog posts here.


Use powerful keywords.

In order to rank well for a specific topic, you have to find powerful keywords because there is no other way to show your blog in search for a specific phrase.

Without knowing the importance of keywords, it’s impossible for you to make your article optimized for SEO.

Stay away from keyword stuffing but maintain a good keyword density while writing a new article on your blog.

Share a story.

So why you started a blog? there should be a reason right? I hope you have a reason behind writing a new blog post as well.

In order to deliver a natural expression, you should share a story which made you ready to write about this blog.

If you faced a lot of difficulties and you want to disclose a solution to a problem, then don’t hesitate to write about that incident.

This practice will increase the level of ifficiency in your blog posts but remember, don’t repeat this in your every article, remain natural and share a story where you feel it’s necessary.

Improve graphics.

Sharing relevant images is a good practice if you want to make your readers easy to understand your message.

If you are telling them about a tool or software, it’s recommended to attach some screenshots along with your article.

An image can explain more than your words, so don’t forget to make your visitors satisfied with a small approach.

you can learn how to properly use images with a blog posts.

Remain specific.

A blog cannot rank well for every type of material unless there is a large group of people is supporting it.

Therefore you should not cross a niche while writing new posts on your blog.

Always try to decrease the covering area and it will help you to rank well for a specific topic on the internet.

In past, bloggers had no limits and they would write about each and every topic on a single blog but now your blog can be penalize if you fail to maintain a good quality.

Get high quality backlinks.

Backlinks are most important when it comes to provide a ranking to a blog or website, the more backlinks your blog have, the more it rank in search.

But don’t be silly, always try to get a backlink from a relevant blog because getting links from every type of blog will put google in difficulty and it will not be able to categorise your website in a ifficient manner.


Google have officially announced that they will prefer blogs and websites who use HTTPS inseead of HTTP.

But still there are many blogs who don’t care about this fact, you can take the benefit by implementing it on your own blog before your competitors.

There are many hosting companies who offer a free SSL certificate with their shared plans so you don’t need to buy a personal SSL for your own website.

Shared SSL usually works well for small websites.

Remain in touch with readers.

If you want to make yourself unforgettable then you should try to respond to your blog readers in comments.

On the other hand, you can update a status on your facebook page to encourage your readers to leave their feedback on that status.

This practice will directly connect you to your readers and they will feel good about you and your blog.

What elce you would recommend to beet blog competitors? write your thoughts in comments.


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