A Harsh Reality Of Backlink Building Software


Everyone knows the importance of backlinks in the success of a blog, and some people use some shortcuts to build backlinks with the use of backlink building software
Today we will discuss everything in detail about the backlink building software and why you shouldn’t use them for building backlinks for your own blog.

Have you ever use a tool to build backlinks for your own blog? if yes, then read this post with most attention and you will stop doing this.

Before we go in details, i’m shortly telling that using a backlink building software is not a good choice for any professional bloggers, if you are doing experiments then it’s not your headache that what is best and what is bad.

Hobby bloggers usually don’t care about the number of visitors because they just want to deliver their thoughts to a specific group of people, therefore they always prefer to try new things with their blogs.

On the other hand, professional bloggers always care about the search engine appearance because they need more visitors to improve their business.

What is a backlink maker software

Backlink builders allows you to submit comments on different types of blogs without opening a web browser.
In such tools, you get capability to store a name, email and Blog URL which you can use to comments on your favorite blogs.

On the other hand, many backlink builders allows you to submit random comments on thousands of blogs with a few clicks.

This practice makes you able to get many backlinks for a new blog in a short period of time and most importantly, you don’t need to have headache by writing long comments, finding blog posts and etc.

All is you have to write a search query, open blogs and submit your comments.

Upon first impression, such kind of tools can attract any new blogger because Building backlinks for a blog is an ultimate wish of every blogger in every niche.

But getting backlinks with this practice can later put your blog in severe troubles.

According to their developers, there are many best backlink building software which offers you to get natural, high quality and unique backlinks and many SEO companies are using them for cheating their clients.

Some innocent bloggers hier a SEO company which provide them backlinks against a large amount of money but I don’t know why they pay someone to get backlinks, everyone can easily search and use any free backlink builder software because SEO companies do the same.

Why you shouldn’t use backlink building software

As I already told you that these tools only submit your comments to different types of blog and they don’t care about the blog topic, post topic and it’s nature, so how can you expect to get a high quality link from another blog?

In past, these tools were useful because SEO was not strict as compare to current SEO. you just had to get links from other domains and your blog would rank higher, but now it has became difficult to rank first on the search engines.

In current SEO, you have to get backlinks from related domains instead of random blogs because blog commenting is an art, don’t take it as a fun.

Often people recommend you to get 20 backlinks from related domains instead of getting 1000 from random blogs, but I must say that you should simply avoid to put your website URL while commenting on a blog that does not belong to your own niche.

Unfortunately backlink maker tools don’t follow all these guidelines, their ultimate purpose is to submit your blog URL on maximum blog posts and they don’t care about simulerity.

When you don’t care about this factor as well and you submit spam comments  then your bad time begins with a lot of penalties from search engines.

You will be considered a spammer and search engines does not like Spammers at all.

They will quickly mark your domain in the list of spam blogs, on the other hand, a database will store your domain, email, IP address etc which will prevent your blog to appear in further comments on any blog that is protected with Akismet.

Finally you will rank nowhere and you will lose all of your hardwork forever.


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