Blog Commenting Tips (The Ultimate Guide You Need)


Blogging cannot be marked as completed just after you have written an article on your website, it’s a big challenge to those who are getting enter recently.
In this post, we will discuss the importance of blog commenting in SEO so you can implement this technique  properly.

There are number of blogs who are writing on the same topic and of cource, many of them have an old domain than you, then how could you expect your blog to rank higher than your competitors?

There are many aspects including On page and off page SEO, Domain Authority Backlinks and your domain age which decide about the ranking for your blog.

You have to implement the proper method to promote your blog if you want to beet your competitors.

Therefore, blog commenting is a good way to build backlinks and increase domain authority for your blog.

Whenever you comment on someone’s blog who allows you to put the URL of your own site, you earn a backlink from their blog.

If you have a large number of backlinks from relevant blogs, then your blog will be considered an authoritative blog in your niche.

Blog Commenting tips for beginners

These are some hand-picked tips which will increase the chances for your comments to remain safe from Akismet

Use your real name.

When you decide to leave a comment on any blog, first of all you will be asked to provide your name.

Many people fill a wrong name such as their domain or brand name, but it’s not a good choice, if you will fill the name field with a random name, there are maximum chances that akismet will mark your comment as spam and administrator will not bother to check your comment and it will be deleted.

Also keep in mind that you should not use a popular keyword while filling the name field at any blog, akismet is smart enough to detect keywords and it will consider your comment as a promotion technique, therefore it will put your comment in spam.

Avoid codes in comments.

Its highly recommended to avoid writing links and other html codes while writing a comment on blog.

Bloggers don’t want to see other’s links in their comments, so akismet will detect it quickly, if not then blog administrator will delete your comment.

There is already a field for writing your web address and if it’s available, it’s mean that you are allowed to put a link to your own website with your comment, but if it’s not available and removed by site administrators, then they will never want to publish a link even in comment body.

Always go for relevant domain.

You should not comment just because of getting a backlink, you should choose a relevant domain instead, for this, it’s recommended to comment on your competitor blog if possible.

Its better to get 50 backlinks from relevant sites instead of getting 1000 from different types of blogs.

Remember: blog commenting is an art, don’t take it as a game.

Just to make you aware, I would like to tell that if you will keep commenting on different types of blogs without checking their topics, then you will soon going to be kill your blog authority with your own hands.

Comment on high authority blogs.

We always speak about the quality instead of quantity. so same case will come in this regard.

If your intention is to earn backlinks by commenting on other’s blogs, then you shouldn’t comment on a blog who have less domain authority.

Always go for old, authoritative and professional blogs and keep the worth alive for your words.

If you will keep commenting on low authority blogs, then your authority will be decreased as well.

Avoid to use Auto blog commenting software.

As I often use a sentence that if you look for a shortcut in everything, then don’t waist your time in blogging, there are no shortcuts in blogging. Blogging always require you to work hard if you really want to achieve success.

According to their designers, there are many best blog commenting software which promise to provide you a large number of backlinks over night.

I would strongly convince you to don’t use that kind of tools.

They often use built-in templates while commenting on a blog, so your blog can be put in the list of spammers.

Once your blog URL become a spam, then your time to getting penalties starts.

First of all akismet will become an enemy of your blog and it will prevent your blog URL from getting appeared anywhere in comments. secondly, you will be penalized by google panda which is not a small penalty.

If your blog will become a victom of Panda, then you will lose all of your organic traffic for a long long period of time.

What elce you would like to include in Art of blog commenting? let me know in comments.


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