8 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Blogging niche


Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from your blog, but it requires a lot of research to find best affiliate marketing companies that matters to your topic.
Today i’m providing you a list of best affiliate programs for blogging niche which will surely provide you a great chance to make more money from your blog.

This post is only for those who are running a blog with blogging niche because all the products directly related to the creation, maintenance and protection of your site.

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Best affiliate marketing companies for blogging niche

These are the top affiliate programs that pay high commissions and beneficial for blogging.
by using these programs, you can maximize your blog income and get financial satisfaction.


GlowHost is a reliable web hosting company who focus on high quality services, Glow Host provide 91 days money back garentee to their customer and they provide free web hosting for 2 months.

It shows that customers will receive a great service and you will surely make more money by refering customers to GlowHost

It provides you 10 percent commission on each order they receive from your affiliate link and you can make upto $125 by refering a customer.
cookie duration is 30 days and affiliate network is ShareASale.

You can use the link below to improve the chance of your application approval.

Sign up for GlowHost affiliate program


Studiopress offers a great wordpress theme called “Genesis” a highly flexible framework which can design almost every type of blog or website.

Genesis is a most popular wordpress framework with a lot of child themes for every type of websites.

You can promote their products on your website and a lot of people will purchase them by using your affiliate links.

Studio press can be joined from ShareASale affiliate network and you will receive 35 percent commission for selling their product.

Sign up for studiopress affiliate program


AvaHost is another web hosting company with afordable hosting plans for customers.

Having multiple servers in UK and USA, it delivers wonderful browsing experience to their customers.

You can enjoy a commission of $50 by refering a single customer and if you will give them 10 customers, they will provide you additional $100 to you.

AvaHost provide you a special coupon code for your customer to get 15 percent discount with each hosting plan.

Join the AvaHost affiliate here



iThemes has almost 15 products to promote including

  • Backup Buddy
    a very popular and powerful backup solution for a wordpress site which generate the backup of whole site including database, media files, images, directories and pages.
  • iTheme securety pro
    A securety solution for your blog or website
  • iTheme builder
    A wordpress theme framework and builder.

All the products can be easily promote a blog with blogging niche and it will surely return you a good commission.

You can join iTheme affiliate program from ShareASale network and it pays 25 percent as your commission upon every sale.

Read more about iTheme affiliate program


GoDaddy is not a new name for you if you ever search domain registration on Google.

It’s a biggest, oldest and trusted domain registrar who offers domains with every extention and one of the best thing about it’s registrar that it provide you domains on lowest price as compare to other registrars.

If you have registered a domain with GoDaddy, you can feel fully secure because your domain cannot be cheated by any person against a short amount of money.

If you will promote GoDaddy in your blog, you will earn 40 percent of each sale Read more about GoDaddy affiliate program.

WP Engines.

WP Engines provide a large amount of commission to you upon each sale you refer.

You can earn 200 dollars from a singal customer which is the full first month of payment.

On the other hand, You can earn upto $13,000 bonus by sending multiple customers to WP Engines.

Go here to join WP Engines Affiliate program


Bluehost has a great history in web hosting and it provides almost every type of web hosting for your websites and blogs.

For WordPress users, bluehost is highly accessible, flexible and optimized for running every type of website.

One of the best thing about bluehost affiliate program is that once a customer purchase a web hosting from bluehost by clicking on your affiliate link, you will receive $65 as your commission.

Bluehost has it’s own page to sign up or you can join bluehost affiliate program in CJ affiliates as well.

Sign up for bluehost affiliate program here


Sucuri is a most popular wordpress plugin which provide a full securety including pages, database, file protection and activity log.

It’s a full securety package for your wordpress website and you can read more on it’s official website.

Having a lot of users, customers and believers, sucuri can provide you a great amount of commissions and satisfied believers.

Sucuri provides you 25 percent of the purchase amount as your commission upon each sell.

Join Sucuri affiliate program


Blogging is a most wanted topic on the internet and when it comes to most profitable niches, Blogging can be consider as the best niche for affiliate marketing.

Although it’s a bit difficult to find a best affiliate program for any type of blog, but above menssioned list will surely return you a great amount of commission according to your blog traffic.

Are you using any other affiliate marketing program to promote products about blogging? please add your products in comments below.


  1. Hi Adil, This is very useful information for bloggers who want to earn some money from their blog. Good list of affiliated programs explained.


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