7 Evergreen Affiliate Marketing Niches for Bloggers


Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a lot of money from your blog, but before you start a blog, you need to know what are the best affiliate marketing niches and most importantly, which affiliate marketing niche will remain evergreen for you.

Instead of finding great commission rate for a specified time, your first priority should be a niche which can provide you a good amount of commission even if you decide to remain offline for a month.

That’s why i always prefer to start a blog with evergreen niche and avoid shortturm commitments.

So you learnt that affiliate marketing is always good than advertisements and now you are looking for a best affiliate marketing niche to maximize your blog income by providing your affiliate links to the each product you recommend on your blog.

I can asure you that you have picked up a right source to learn everything about choosing the most profitable affiliate niches to start earning quickly from your blog.

Best niches for affiliate marketing

Without wasting your further time, here i’m presenting you a list of most profitable affiliate niches which will not only return you a good amount of commission but these affiliate marketing niches are evergreen and have a huge demand too.

Read below to learn how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing that makes money undoubtedly!

Make money online.

As the name suggests, this affiliate niche has a great demand and commission rates as well.

Everyone wants to make money before spending on their favorite things, and making money online is a charming topic which have covered a lot of space on the whole internet.

If you can share some hidden and effective ways to earn online from any kind of source, then you can become a rich man by making huge commission from your recommended products.

Being a top niche on the internet, there is a high compitition because millions of bloggers are trying to rank for this popular affiliate niche.

Making money online is a universal niche which can be consider useful for affiliate marketing as well as adsense.

So only go for this niche if you have strong command over your information and if you think that you can beet thouzands of your competitors.

High Quality content will help you to rank for this popular blog niche, otherwise there is no chance for you to beet your competitors.

Beeting your competitors does not mean that you need to make your blog first result on google for your topic, but if you know SEO you can make at least a short space for your blog posts.

Once you achieve a good traffic rate then you will love affiliate marketing because this niche has a lot of affiliate programs to promote.

You can read what affiliate marketing programs you can promote with blogging niche.

Weight loss.

In the world of beauty, everyone want to enhance their look because of making their personality to capture other’s intention.

There are many men and women are looking some effective ways to lose their weight in minimum time.

You can take the benefit of situation and since there are already a lot of products available for losing weight, you can simply write a good review of each product you know and tell your friends that you have an ultimate solution to their queries.

This niche is somewhat sensitive because often people forgets everything while focusing on maximizing their income.

If you will start promoting drugs to lose weight then many people can lose their lives instead of losing weight.

If you have enough information about such products then you can make a good image in your affiliate niche and capture the intention from a large number of people.

A gym instructor or a person who have much information about losing weight can make good income from this niche because you will find many affiliate programs for this niche.



Name dating seems funny but believe me, dating niche is making a lot of money because a Developed country like USA has a lot of interested visitors who want to find their partner online.

This niche does not requires you to have any technological background and you can start a successful dating forum or website if you have a little knowledge of WordPress.

Once your forum or website start getting enough traffic, you will find many programs to receive commission from your online work.

Note: I’m not an expert of this niche but there are still many affiliate programs that you can promote with a dating site, Since we are discussing only on how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing, so it should not be funny for you.


although games are losing their worth because each mobile contains many games for children, but there are still a huge space for you if you want to find a best affiliate niche.

Gaming niche can provide you a good amount of commission because there are many games which are not going to lose worth easily.

On the other hand, people often purchase games for their children because no matter how much advance technology exists, children always need something to play.

Parents feel that games are the best gadgets to improve the thinking of our children therefore you can start a gaming website and start promoting affiliate programs.

Information technology (I.T.).

Technology is the biggest affiliate niche that can provide you commission according to your desire!

Technology is never going to lose it’s worth because there are uncountable products that you can sell with your blog.

Everyone know that starting a technology blog does not disappoint an owner if he have much knowledge.

This is the only niche which cannot be complete even you hier 10 content writer.

Being a biggest niche in the world, technology is a promising affiliate niche so you can start a blog and soon you will start making money.

Online shopping.

Online shopping is a directly beneficial affiliate niche because every visitor you receive will have an ultimate intention of purchasing something if it’s good.

Now it’s up to you that if you write impressive reviews with enough images then people will surely buy your recommended product, if you will write a confused review then they will go somewhere elce.

Online shopping is a sensitive topic and i would recommend you to write only about high quality product because if you will focus only on your commission, then soon you would lose everything.

If you will care about the quality of product then a customer who had recently purchase something from your recommended product will return to your website if he need something elce.


Entrepreneurship is another popular niche among the most profitable affiliate niches because you can atract a lot of audience by sharing your own experiences about the businesses.

If you are among that type of people who can write 101 ways to make a business successful then you can go anywhere you want and you can make any niche profitable for you.

Just like other affiliate niches, entrepreneurship  also have many micro niches and there are many affiliate programs that you can promote for a good commission rate.


Starting a blog for selling affiliate products is not an easy task, you have to spend a lot of time bin order to receive your first income.

By following these best niches for affiliate marketing, you can make a successful blog that makes money, on the other hand, these niches will never easily leads you towards disappointments.

Whatever niche you choose, you have to work hard to make your space on search engines otherwise there is no possibility for you to make money if you believe on copying other’s contents.

Always try to write compeling posts with a lot of examples, proofs and reasons to buy.

Once your style of writing would become efficient then you will feel the improvement in your affiliate sales and visitors as well.

Now it’s your turn, What niche is the most profitable niche for affiliate marketing? what you have learnt in this post and how your started your first niche blog for affiliate marketing.

According to your own experiences, how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing for a new blog? please tell in comments below.


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