Adil Mirza | A Self-taught Doctor Of Blogging

Hy Visitors I’m Adil Mirza, the CEO/Founder of Blogging Doctor.
I called myself a Self-taught doctor of blogging because i learnt everything from my passion, experience and willingness.

I started blogging in 2012 when i was 18 years of age and my first successful website was published when i was studying in class 8th.

I always tried to learn about the every field of life but i can say that learning about websites was a wonderful experience because i often struggled with HTML codes in my dreems. 🙂

Seems funny? Believe me it’s difficult to take it usual when people starts finding you on Google, and my Website introduced me on Google just after the 4 days when i became aware about the HTML.

A Short story about Blogging Doctor

After spending a lot of time on free blog platforms i realised that Blogging is not only about sharing our thoughts to world, but it can be adopt as a profession.

In 2016, i decided to start my first professional blog and i had published my one year of blogging experience report on my blog in july 2017.

I’m also known as a doctor of blogging but i don’t offer medical treatment to your blog 🙂 i only share my experience of blogging including Copywriting, SEO, Affiliate marketing and wordpress.

I feel proud when google shows my blog when someone writes Doctor Adil Mirza in Google search box. :).

I have a long inspiring story which i’ll be sharing with all of you in my next blog posts.