About us

Blogging Doctor is a popular blog among newbie and intermediate bloggers who want to make money online, learn SEO, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress and Professional blogging.
Blogging Doctor aims to make you able to Start a blog, Optimize it for Search engines and make a lot of money from your online business.

Anyone can read articles on blogging doctor and become a popular, professional and famous blogger by implementing the techniques to beet blog competitors in their own niche.

This blog is owned by Adil Mushtaq, also knowns as Adil Mirza who started blogging as his passion when he was studying in class 8th, and Now he is working as a computer operator at Judiciary.

Adil Mirza have a lot of experience in the field of blogging and website designing, therefore he decided to turn his passion into profession.
Before starting the blog Blogging Doctor, Adil Mirza spent a lot of time on free blogging platforms such as blogger and wordpress.

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