5 Steps To Prevent Spam Comments On WordPress Blog


In order to get a backlink for new blogs, spammers always use techniques of commenting on popular blogs in their niche.
this is very important to prevent spam comments on wordpress blog if you don’t want to see your blog posts as a messy place.

since getting backlinks is an important factor to increase domain authority of a new blog, therefore sometimes people use your blog as a source of earning backlinks.

on the other hand, some newbi bloggers consider it a fantastic practice to get backlinks without any hardwork.

if you are among those newbi bloggers who are following this practice then quickly stop it, there are some other methods to build backlinks for blog which can provide you origional and legal backlinks.

a large number of spam comments can put your blog in troubles, so take care before you start falling in the eyes of search engins.

below i have compiled a useful list of things that you can apply on your own blog to prevent spam comments on your blog.

5 Steps to prevent spam comments on wordpress blog

you can reduce the number of spam comments by applying these techniques on your blog today.

Use Akismet.

akismet is a top solution to prevent spam comments on your blog, it comes with core installation so you don’t have to install it manually through your wordpress dashboard.

all is you need to activate and generate a free akismet API key for your own blog.

once you have provided an API key to your akismet, it will work even when you’ll be sleeping.

but akismet has some problems as well.
sometimes akismet mark some useful comments as spam so you have to restore them manually.


Remove website URL from comments.

this is another solution to prevent spam comments on your blog.

spammers always comment on your blog because if you’ll aprove them, they will get a backlink for their blog.

you can remove website field from wordpress comments to prevent spammers to provide a URL for their site.

sometimes your sincere commenters will find it disappointing but afterall they will understand your purpose.

Use a captcha.

adding captcha verification to your comment form can prevent bots to submit comments automatically.

in order to add captcha verification to your comment form, all is you need to install and activate WP recaptcha plugin in your blog.

after the installation, activate and go to settings > WP-Recaptcha to set up configurations.

Disallow html in comments.

disallowing html tags in comments is beneficial because none of the spam links would appear in your comments.

spammers are clever, they are willing to do anything which can provide you a backlink for their own blog, therefore it’s recommended to disable html tags in comments.

in order to disable html tags. you need to install Peter’s Literal Comments this plugin allows you to choose html tags which you want to disable on your wordpress blog.

Nofollow comment links.

if you have set your comment links to dofollow, quickly set them as nofollow.

no doubt a blog with dofollow links gets comments more than their expectations, but none of your commenter would be sincere because they just want to get a backlink from your blog.

have you any other method to Prevent Spam Comments On WordPress Blog? please let me know in comments.


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